We offer comprehensive services to help countries develop world-class health supply chain models. Our in-house Public Procurement Specialists include tender developers, inclusive of evaluation criteria and robust moderation. We provide detailed design and operational understanding of best-in-class supply chain models, enabling countries to improve their health systems and meet the needs of their populations.

  1. Commercial and Contractual Application:

We are completely familiar with Cabinet Office requirements for contracting in the public sector and delivering value for money commercial mechanisms (e.g., Guaranteed Maximum Price & Target Cost, GMPTC, Risk Sharing Payment Mechanisms).

  1. National Leveraged Procurement and Supply Chain Models:

We provide expert guidance and support to help governments develop and implement national leveraged procurement and supply chain models.

  1. Maximise Value for Taxpayers:

Our focus is on helping governments maximize value for the taxpayer by optimizing the supply chain and procurement processes. Our services include developing procurement strategies that minimize costs while maintaining quality, identifying opportunities for process improvements, and implementing supply chain technologies that drive efficiency and reduce waste.

  1. Evolve Health System Supply Chain Activity:

We define challenges faced by the healthcare supply chain, to build adaptable and resilient solutions.

  1. Contingency Planning:

Our team has extensive experience in contingency planning, as demonstrated by our work on the Brexit transition.

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