Social Value

Social Value

Social Value is here to stay. Companies embracing it and being able to demonstrate a track record of compliance and future commitment have a strong competitive edge in winning business in the Public Sector.


But what is Social Value?

With multiple definitions of Social Value doing rounds in the market extending from well-established standalone definitions to ones that overlap areas such as ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), sustainability, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and social impact, it is evident that Social Value is an evolving concept and area.

Social Value UK however defines Social Value as

The positive impact created by an individual, organization, or project, for the society and overall well-being of people, encompassing benefits that extend beyond financial profits or personal gains.

Taking the social, environmental, and economic aspects of an initiative into account the concept of Social Value emphasizes the importance of considering the interests of various stakeholders, such as communities, employees, customers, and the environment. It involves instilling sustainable and ethical practices that contribute to societal progress and address persistent social issues.

How to become Social Value ready?

Measuring Social Value involves assessing both qualitative and quantitative impact of an activity. This includes but is not limited to factors such as job creation, community development, environmental sustainability, improved health and well-being, and minimised inequality.

Organisations that prioritize Social Value aim to generate a positive change through meaningful actions that benefit the society as a whole. At Epscot we offer a solution that helps achieve a high standard of Social Value readiness for winning Public Procurement contracts.

The expert leadership at Epscot can be contacted for guidance on all Social Value requirements ranging from customised value assessment roadmaps, to tailored feedback on Carbon Reduction Plans. Our intuitive cloud-based Tool acts as a one stop solution, specifically designed to assist SMEs (small medium-sized enterprises) in managing and reporting on their Social Value.

Our Solution

At Epscot, we make it easier to measure the impact of your organisation’s social initiatives with our trailblazing Social Value Tool, as it:

The tool simplifies complex guidelines set forth by the government, making it easier to navigate and understand them.
Helps prepare for bids by assessing an organisation’s social value readiness, giving a competitive edge in the procurement process.
Provides a detailed assessment of an organisation’s social value readiness, a step which is necessary to optimize social impact.​
Quantifies the Social Value an organisation creates, allowing to measure and communicate Social Value pound (£) impact to stakeholders more effectively.
Identifies areas where an organisation can improve their social value, as well as areas where it is already making a positive impact, as a step to contribute towards refining strategies and maximizing impact.

Tool Features

Cloud Based
Compliant with Government guidelines
Bespoke to each Tender Requirement
Captures the £ value
Interested in generating better value for your organisation and the public purse?

Start your journey with Epscot now

As a part of our commitment to support SMEs, we have a solution in place. An innovative low-cost Social Value Tool that makes it easier than ever for the Suppliers to quantify the impact of the organisation’s social initiatives and can also gain valuable insights for improving their future strategies.

Tender Profile

At this stage, you can create a comprehensive Tender Profile by selecting from a range of options that accurately reflect your business and the requirements of the tender at hand.

Recommended Award Criteria

The Tool's unique algorithm identifies and recommends the most suitable Sub-Model Award Criteria (Sub-MACs) for your organisation out of the 108 Sub-MACs.
This means the algorithm pre-selects the criteria that are most likely to be included in the tender questions.

MAC Self-Selection

Additionally, it's flexible, it allows you to modify the selection of MACs based on any new information your company may have gained about the tender.
For instance, if the buying authority has indicated a focus on only two themes, you can adjust your criteria selection accordingly.

Evidence Gathering

Model Award Criteria responses will require inputs from departments within your organisation to gather evidence and assess your Social Value readiness.
A set of Binary Questions against each Sub Model Award Criteria will be presented. These questions aim to reflect what an authority may ask for and will be used to assess your Social Value Readiness.

Readiness Assessment

The Tool's Scoring Mechanism will evaluate your organisation's Social Value Readiness.
Your scoring reflects your company's strengths, and opportunities for improvement and provides you with a basis for a Gap Analysis and action plan.

Add Evaluations

The Tool will help you calculate your Social Return on Investment (SROI), using proxy values in the Government Guidelines.
This is a framework for measuring and accounting for value; it seeks to quantify the economic benefit, using monetary values to evaluate evidenced outcomes.

Tender Response Guidance

The Response Guidance provided by the Tool offers templates and hints to assist you in formulating your tender response.
The Tool raises the quality and standard of your response - providing you with more consistent responses which mirror what the Contracting Authorities would be looking for.


The Tool generates summary and detailed report outputs.
The reporting outputs reflect your company's strengths, and opportunities for improvement. They also provide you with a basis for a gap analysis and action planning for continuous improvement.
Once a tender is received, the tool can be rerun to assess current state of readiness and generate a forward-looking set of SROI values representing the commitments that you will make in that contract.

Key Benefits
Assesses Social Value Readiness in advance
Identifies the Areas of Improvement & Strength
Measures and Reports the organisation’s Social Value
Measures SROI (Social Return on Investment)
Offers Model Answers & Prepares for Bids

Our Social Value tool for the contracting authorities is a versatile tool that allows customisation of social value allocation, provides predefined questions to assess social value commitments, provides a comprehensive assessment of social value commitments, and generates easily extractable and compatible tender documents.

Tender Definition

At this stage of the tool, you can provide a name for your tender and specify the percentage that you intend to allocate towards Social Value.
For example, assign a minimum weightage of 10% to social value as per government guidance.

Areas of Interest

Spread your Social value allocation among the relevant 5 themes outlined in government guidance.
The tool offers a proprietary list of 'Areas of Interest' within each theme. You can select the specific areas that you want to include in your evaluation of suppliers.

Question Selection

The Tool offers a set of pre-defined questions for each 'Area of Interest', with one question focused on assessing past performance (backward-looking) and another focused on future plans (forward-looking).
You can also assign a weighting to each question within the 'Area of Interest', based on your priorities. These questions will form the basis of your supplier evaluation process.


To facilitate easy customisation and integration of the tender document with popular systems, the aid will allow CAs to export it in Word format.
This will allow CAs to make any necessary edits to the questions and easily copy and paste them into other applications as needed.

Key Benefits
Simplifies Government Guidelines
Allows Custom Social Value Allocation
Allows Custom Themes & Areas of Interest Allocation
Provides you with Pre-defined Questions
Generates a Compatible Tender Document

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals and are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure success. Our ways of working are step-by-step and outcome-based, ensuring that all project targets and deliverables are met. Our offerings include:

Concept to Delivery Solutions
We offer end-to-end support from strategy design to implementation, and realising set outcomes.

Fast-paced Execution
We operate with high energy and clear vision, while always adhering to ethical standards. Our goal is to execute effectively, without sacrificing on quality or integrity.

Extension of Your Team
We act as an extension of your management team, working collaboratively with you to achieve shared deliverables. Prioritising effective communication, we ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the process.

Hands-on Implementation Assistance
We understand that change can be difficult, which is why we provide hands-on assistance during the cross-functional collaborative process. We will work with you to ensure that the implementation process goes efficiently, minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

Simple to use social value tool

As market leaders in deploying Social Value, we are the chosen partner for clients across the public, as well as the private sector.

Our use of the National Social Value model and the National TOMs Framework aligned proxy values enables users to measure, manage and maxamise Social Value with the resources available and then clearly communicate those impact to stakeholders.

Epscot is supported by a team of experienced social value practitioners who are there to help you navigate your social impact journey. We are an approved supplier on direct award Government Framework.

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